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3D Balls and 3D Powder

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The ball size that is right for your project, and use these light-weight 3D Balls to achieve a special three-dimensional finish in the color of your choice. Place as many 3D Balls as you will be using in a plastic cup, then add enough PENTART acrylic paint to ensure each of the balls is completely covered. Ensure, the surface you will be decorating is positioned horizontally, then use a small spoon or a spatula dipped in water to apply the spheres. Using spheres of different sizes and colors on top of one another produces an exciting effect! 

The grain/powder size that is right for your project, and use our 3D Powder to produce three-dimensional finishes in the color of your choice. Mix the 3D Powder grains with the PENTART acrylic paint of your choosing, then paint over the surface to be decorated. Use a brush, a spatula or a stencil to apply the substance directly, or fill a tube with it and draw your own design. Attention: the substance will dry quickly, so do not mix more amount than you will be using!

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