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Slow drying medium 071 bottle

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Using a wet-on-wet method must be done quickly when working with acrylic paint. Buy yourself some extra time to create stunning color transitions, blend colors smoothly and allow yourself to work on the same area for longer using Amsterdam slow drying medium. This medium extends the drying time of your paint, depending on the amount added. This pre-mixed, ready-to-use medium contains acrylic resin, which makes it easy and safe to use in any quantity. Adding a large amount of slow drying medium will also affect the paint’s transparency and degree of gloss.

Amsterdam slow drying medium

  • Extends the drying time of acrylic paint
  • Can be mixed with acrylic paint in any ratio
  • Can be thinned with water
  • Increases the transparency and degree of gloss, depending on the amount
  • Can be varnished after at least three days of drying
  • Clean utensils with water
  • Apply at temperatures above 10° C and store free of frost

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