Calligraphy courses at L’Atelier des Art will guide you through the art of beautiful writing using the letters of Arabic alphabet. This art form is also known as Islamic Calligraphy, because the Arabic script was the mean of transmission of the Holy Qur’an.

Callygraphy course at L'Atelier des Arts

Callygraphy course at L’Atelier des Arts


During Calligraphy course, you will learn:

  • The Arabic script and alphabet.
  • How to use the tools and inks to write with.
  • The fundamentals of the Diwani handwriting.
  • How to draw single letters and then form words and sentences.


The average duration of a Calligraphy course is 10 hours.

When and How much

L’Atelier des Arts organizes Calligraphy courses throughout the year, with tailored activities also for kids: see our courses schedule to check next Calligraphy courses and prices.


Calligraphy courses will take place at L’Atelier des Arts: see our contact page for further details about our location.