Decoupage courses at L’Atelier Des Arts are set at two different levels, Basic and Advanced.

Decoupage at L'Atelier des Arts

Decoupage at L’Atelier Des Arts


During the decoupage courses at the basic level, you will learn about:

  • decoupage materials and tools, such as the many different kind of papers, specific glues and primers.
  • the different properties of the surfaces to be decorated, such as wood and glass.
  • how to sand and use primers.
  • how to start painting.
  • how to cut and glue.
  • how to finish.
  • how to apply decorations.

After the basic course, you can attend decoupage advanced level, where you will discover the different decoration decoupage techniques such as shabby chic, antique, 3D (three-dimensional) and many amazing special effects.


The average duration of a Decoupage course is 8 hours.

When and How much

L’Atelier des Arts organizes decoupage courses and activities throughout the year, with tailored courses also for kids: see our courses schedule to check next decoupage courses and prices.


Decoupage courses will have place at L’Atelier des Arts: see our contact page for further details about our location.