Mixed Media

Are you curious to discover how many media can you mix?

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Mixed Media at L'Atelier des Arts

Mixed Media at L’Atelier des Arts

What is Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a versatile technique based on the combination of two or more visual art media to realize one artwork.
Most common mixed media techniques are: collage, mixing pieces of paper or of fabrics with paints; assemblage, including in the artwork objects, in order to obtain a three-dimensional effect; the dry and wet media technique, using pencil or charcoal to draw and acrylic or watercolor to paint, and the resist technique, mixing water based colors with oil based colors.
In mixed media, it is important the consistency of the final work, usually achieved working on the single layers mixed and carefully choosing the layers sequence.

Basic Products you need for Mixed Media

Products and tools you need for Mixed Media depend on the creative project.