Porcelain painting

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Discover all about Capodimonte, Limoges, Meissen and the masterpieces you can create on this amazing material. Learn about Porcelain Painting, refine your style or meet other porcelain painters in Abu Dhabi with Porcelain Painting Activities at L’Atelier Des Arts! 

_DSC0140What is Porcelain painting

Porcelain is a fine kind of ceramic whose name comes from the Italian word porcellana, meaning “cowrie shell”, for its translucent properties.
Porcelain painting is commonly referred to a method of painting on white glazed porcelain objects, using specific pigments and oils, or enamels, called over-glaze paints.
The general method to paint on porcelain consists in applying gradually several layers of paint. After every layer application, the porcelain object needs to be fired in a special oven called kiln. This is also why the multiple layers are called fires. This method is required because too much paint applied at once can create blisters.

Basic Products you need for Porcelain painting