Porcelain Painting products and Tools

L’Atelier des Arts is dealing with the world leading companies in porcelain painting like Hobbyceram and Schjerning.
We have a vast assortment of colours, brushes and accessories for the hobby and for the professional artists, along with the most comprehensive assortment of books, samples and specialized literature.

At L’Atelier des Arts you can find all you need to paint overglaze on porcelain, china and ceramics: Overglaze Colors leaded, Matt Colors, Reliefs Colors, No-Lead Colors, Metallic Colors – no Lead, Portrait Colors.
Gold and Silver shades to dilute every medium or to powder on base of grounding oil to obtain precious metallic backgrounds. You can also find liquid lusters to obtain iridescent effects. Odorless and non allergic.
The variety of oils and mediums for porcelain painting includes: Copaiba 30ml 171, Thick Oil 30ml 150, Universal Medium 168, Lavender 172, Thinner for Gold 174, Clove Oil – Noil 173, Outlining Oil 179, thinner for Lustre 350, Water Based Medium 100, Water Based Medium 101, Resist Lacquer / water based 199, Odorless Turpentine 17, Non Drying Medium , Citrus essence, Portrait Oil.
Find at L’Atelier des Arts all the tools you need for porcelain painting: Eraser for Gold Luster, Gold Burnisher, Live Tool, palette Knife Metal / Plastic, Wipe Out Tool, Thing Foan Rubber Roll, Sponges, Small, Medium , Large, Porcelain Palette, Stainless palette, Plexi glass Hand, Rubber Scrubber Sponge, Carbon Paper, Black, Red, Pen Holder, Nib for pen holder, brush rest, Dotting tool, Masking tape 3m / 6m / 9m, Double tracing pen, Glass Pearls, Wheel.
L’Atelier des Arts offers the best kilns in terms of performance, efficiency and price.