Scrapbooking courses at L’Atelier Des Arts will enable you to design and craft your own scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking Abu Dhabi at L'Atelier des Arts

Scrapbooking at L’Atelier Des Arts


During the scrapbooking activities, you will learn about:

  • Scrapbooking materials and tools.
  • How to cut and punch paper.
  • How to set your book-binding.
  • How to insert the different pages.
  • How to create special effects using 3D techniques, stamping, inks, colors, stickers.
  • How to personalize your scrapbook using embellishments.


The average duration of a Scrapbooking course is 8 hours.

When and How much

L’Atelier Des Arts organizes Scrapbooking courses throughout the year, with tailored activities also for kids: see our courses schedule to check next scrapbooking courses and prices.


Scrapbooking courses will have place at L’Atelier Des Arts: see our contact page for further details about our location.