Silk Painting

Silk Painting courses at L’Atelier des Art will guide you through the art of painting using silk as a canvas.

Silk Painting activities at L'Atelier des Arts

Silk Painting activities at L’Atelier Des Arts


During Silk Painting courses, you will learn about:

  • Silk properties;
  • Silk paint features and properties;
  • How to use silk painting materials and specific tools;
  • Silk painting techniques;
  • How to shade colors, adjust the volume and density of paint;
  • How to give a professional finish to your painting on silk.


The average duration of a Silk Painting course is 8 hours.

When and How much

L’Atelier Des Arts organizes Silk Painting courses throughout the year, with tailored activities also for kids: see our courses schedule to check next Silk Painting courses and prices.


Silk Painting courses will have place at L’Atelier Des Arts: see our contact page for further details about our location.