Sketching courses will drive you to see, observe and produce what you see on paper.

Sketching workshop at L'Atelier des Arts

Sketching courses at L’Atelier des Arts

Sketching activities objectives

The sketching course is based on still life drawing, quick sketching of objects and models using different  techniques and mediums.

  • sketching by pencil;
  • sketching by charcoal;
  • sketching by pastel;
  • sketching by ink or watercolor.

We will practice on the proportions by drawing still life objects and surfaces.

Sketching courses duration

The average duration of a Sketching course is 8 hours.

When and How much

L’Atelier Des Arts organizes drawing and sketching courses throughout the year, with tailored activities also for kids who will learn how to look at the object, the value of colors, and how to sharpen their observation abilities. See our courses schedule to check next sketching courses and prices.


Sketching courses will have place at L’Atelier Des Arts: see our contact page for further details about our location.