About Us

Founded in 2011, L’Atelier Des Arts is the UAE’s first three-way art enterprise gathering (1) a retail store offering a wide variety of the best Fine Arts and Crafts materials, (2) an art school and (3) a unique gifting boutique to shop L’Atelier’s handmade creations, all under one roof. In 2020, the company moved to a standalone premises located on Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi and added yet another offer to its portfolio: “Café de L’Atelier” offering a wide selection of hot beverages, homemade pastries, and light meals.

Our Location

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the multi-concept artistic space is divided into a boutique, a workshop/teaching studio and a café. The ground floor level expands to a boutique displaying a curated selection of the world’s leading brands of Fine Arts & Crafts, suitable to shop for beginners, artists, and professionals of all ages. The beautiful shelves also leave room fora collection of artworks and handcrafts from local and L’Atelier Des Arts artists, giving customers a chance to find unique decorative items for their homes, or make great gifts for their loved ones.



Up the stairs, the multi-concept space extends to fully equipped work stations and organized workshops, supported by a large variety of trained and professional artists and crafters. Covering more than 25 different arts and crafts activities for both kids and adults, for amateurs and professionals, the talented teachers are ready to share their passion.



Part café, part boutique, L’Atelier Des Arts is designed as a home away from home, with an outdoor garden seating area, hand-painted walls, handmade decorative furniture and a relaxed, laid-back ambiance.One’s creative experience would not be complete without Café de L’Atelier’s flavorful menu, including a homemade selection of breakfast and pastries, a large selection of gourmet hot and exotic beverages, all prepared in-house using the finest ingredients and presented in a cozy, homy setting.

Our ART Studio

A very spacious for kids to enjoy creating arts and explore their creativity.

The Staff

The staff in an art and cafe shop are a diverse group, with a shared appreciation for art and cafe.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the art and cafe, and may also be artists themselves. Overall, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with a sense of community and shared interests among the customers and staff.

Shirine Saleh


Our shop owner, Shirine, has been passionate about porcelain art for over two decade. With a deep love for art and her Lebanese heritage, Shirine wants L'Atelier des Arts to be a one-stop shop destination for art lovers. The shop has a wide range of art forms available, including mosaic, sketching, painting and more. Additionally, the shop also offers art materials retail, art courses, and a handmade boutique. The art courses are designed to provide a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their skills and creativity, L'Atelier des Arts is the perfect destination. Visit our shop and experience the passion and expertise of Shirine, our shop owner, in action.

What inspired you to set up the centre?

I’ve been painting on porcelain for 2 decades, and took courses in Lebanon. I gave so many exhibitions from my house. Then I decided to be a bit more professional and that’s where the idea came from. I realised whenever you have to buy something for art you can’t find it in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. You have to go to Lebanon (and fill your suitcase!) or buy online. But I want people to be able to go and get materials immediately – the day they want. Access to art materials is not sufficient in the Emirates. I think L’Atelier des Arts has the biggest variety of products now.

-Shirine Saleh-

Mona Ahmed


Contact No.: +971 56 685 5064
Email: mona@latelierartsae

Our art manager is a true gem, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of mosaic arts. Also an art teacher, she has a deep understanding of the creative process and brings a unique perspective to her role. She is from Egypt, which adds to her wealth of knowledge of mosaic arts. She manages and promotes a diverse group of artists who work in mosaic art, curates exhibitions and oversees the production of their work. Our art manager is known for her strong organizational and communication skills, as well as her deep understanding of the art world. She is able to effectively market the work of our artists to a wide range of audiences. Whether you're looking for a unique piece of art, want to learn more about art or simply looking for inspiration, visit L'Atelier des arts and experience the passion and expertise of our art manager in action.


In-house Artist

Our art teacher Elham, is an expert in vintage style art and antiques. With a deep love for art, crafts, and her Egyptian heritage, Elham brings a unique perspective to her role as an art teacher. Her extensive knowledge and experience in vintage style art and antiques allows her to share her skills and enthusiasm with students. She teaches a wide range of classes including painting, drawing, crochet, and more. Her classes are focused on providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity, and to provide an understanding of the art of vintage. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Elham's classes will help you develop your skills and bring your art to the next level. Visit L'Atelier des Arts and take a class with Elham, and experience the passion and expertise of our art teacher in action.


More Artist to be added...

As the reputation of the art and cafe shop grows, more and more artists will be added here to teach, creating a dynamic and constantly evolving showcase of art and workshop activities.

Michel Doumit

Freelance Artist

Born in Lebanon in 1989, Michel completed a Bachelor of Arts and went on to obtain a Masters in Plastic Arts at the Lebanese University and a further Masters in Art and Innovation Science at the ITMO University in St Petersburg - Russia.

Michel has exhibited in various countries collectively namely Lebanon, Japan, France, Russia and Spain.

In his practice, since 2014, Michel specializes in Art and 3D animations.


Anjali Nambiar

Freelance Artist & 3D Animator

Based in Abudhabi with over 12 years of experience in the  Creative Field.

After completing her degree in Computer Science, She decided to pursue her study in the field of Animation.

She has been trained as an artist and been working in various mediums such as Oil painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, Porcelain Painting, Indian ink Wash decoupage, and 3D Painting.