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Handy Lacquere Paint

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Size: 250ml


Lacquer Paint can be applied to hard surfaces such as wood, glass, polyester, ceramic, metal, plastic.
• It provides a smooth appearance on the applied surface.
• It is very bright.
• It is completely covering.
• Does not leave brush marks. Specially formulated.
• It does not leave brush marks, allowing amateurs to paint like professionals.
• It dries quickly. Natural drying.
• It penetrates the applied surface very well.
• It does not turn yellow in light colors over time.
• This shine is very special in water-based paints.
• Rich color options
• Eye-catching shine
• Resistance to impacts
• Porcelain shine on the applied surface
• Depending on the air temperature, the second coat is 3-6 hours, preferably between 6-12 hours.
• No sanding, no primer.
• Sometimes a surface primer may be required depending on the type of plastic.
• Ultimate Glaze, Aqua Stone varnish if requested
• Food Compatibility Certificate

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