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Schjerning Porcelain Colours

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Schjerning lead-free colours are used for painting objects such as porcelain dishes. They are suitable for food or decorative use of porcelain, faience, ceramics (with the exception of cadmium colours regarding food use).

Lead-free onglaze colours can be used to paint objects for food use (with the exception of colours containing cadmium, namely numbers 2059, 2082, 2083 and 2086). It is a mixture of flux and lead-free oxides, perfect for the decoration of any faience or porcelaine support. They are a perfect substitute for lead colours if you do not want to use lead products. The extremely fine grain eases the preparation of your paste. Use your mediums and oils the same way as for the preparation of lead colours.

*Please be careful when choosing the colours, do not rely on the colour of the powdered pigments in the pot as it does not match the baked colour.

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